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skating practice 19.03.09

From: Charlinetje (21 videos)


practice of scratch,sit and camelspins,backspin,jumps ,spirals

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Charlinetje (over 5 years ago)

hi i tried a several times to upload other files but it failed each time,really weird,i'll try to upload one this week ok? hope it works xxx

SC Admin (over 5 years ago)

When do we get to see the next practice!

liz (over 5 years ago)

Maybe it will take one decade for me to learn that kind of moves.. hahhaha

Charlinetje (over 5 years ago)

haha thx Liz!i'm sure u can do that to with alot of practice!:)

liz (over 5 years ago)

Hi charline.. I envy u coz u can do stuff like that.. Hahaha..